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OnFiber is the future of internet service in Guyana which uses the latest in ber-optics technology to provide the
fastest and most stable internet connection.
By transmitting internet signals as light via optic cables, OnFiber’s internet connection is virtually unaected by the
external factors, such as attenuation, weather and network congestion, unlike other networks that uses copper
cables. This allows your network to achieve higher data transmission rates, faster browsing and downloading speeds,
and increased productivity and output.

OnFiber Corporate

Warp Speed, Reliable Fiber Optic Internet Access


OnFiber Dedicated

Warp Speed, Reliable Fiber Optic Internet Access

 OnFiber Private Leased Circuit 

Warp Speed, Reliable Fiber Optic Internet Access

 OnFiber Bundle 



– 24/7 technical care with prompt on-site support
– Insurance coverage to protect you against damage of OnFiber equipment
– Competitive monthly subscription rates

Service Coverage Area:

Our network currently covers from Georgetown to Houston, EBD and from Georgetown to LBI, ECD, with
plans to be extended in the coming months.

Delivery Time:

Upon the conrmation of your order, which is done by settling the installation fee and the rst month’s
subscription in advance, installation can be completed within 3-4 weeks.
If you’re ready to upgrade your internet service to OnFiber, please contact our Corporate Sales Oce to
apply for the installation of the data package best suited to your needs.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.